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We provide real estate professionals with property lien search and estoppel research documentation.

Who Can Lien?

The following have lien rights for labor, services or materials furnished in improving the real property.
  1. Laborer – a person furnishing his/her own labor only
  2. Materialman – a person furnishing materials or rental equipment only, with no labor for installation of materials. This person must be selling to an owner, contractor, sub contractor, or sub-subcontractor. A person furnishing materials does not fall within the definition if the person is selling to another materialman or to a sub-sub-subcontractor. The materials must be delivered to the site or sold for direct delivery to the site (as distinguished from being sold for inventory without a particular job in mind)
  3. Contractor – a person who furnishes more that one individual’s labor and/or more than just materials who contracts with an Owner.
  4. Subcontractor – a person who furnishes more than one individual’s labor and/or more than just materials who contracts with a Contractor.
  5. Sub-subcontractor – a person who furnishes more than one individual’s labor and/or more than one individual’s labor and/or more than just materials who contracts with a subcontractor.
  6. Professional Lienors – Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Interior designers, and Mappers.

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There are many reasons why payments get delayed that often have nothing to do with you ranging from problems with the loan to the insolvency of the property owner or General Contractor.
When this happens, payments will be made to the subcontractors with the highest priority, those with lien rights. Exercising your lien rights has an immediate effect on those that manage the project funding.

With the continued growth of the digital era, Baker Lien Solutions recognizes that the internet provides an excellent platform to allow the construction industry to research, prepare and file lien documents and optimize collection results without gigantic attorney bills.

With the mission statement to assist the construction industry in finding affordable ways to obtain payment for work performed, Baker Lien Solution is set up to be the easiest, go-to solution for all construction related lien-filing. Filing a construction lien claim is a right derived from statutory law.

Baker Lien Solutions aims to simplify the process and facilitate the proper filing of lien documents to optimize your collections efforts. Baker Lien Solutions files and serves preliminary notices, prelien notices, notice of furnishing, notice to owner, notice of intent to lien, stop notices, bond claims, and mechanics liens for customers across the country.


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